Montessori School Teacher

Responsibilities for the Prepared Environment
Provide a warm, safe environment where the students' self-confidence can be enhanced, their independence encouraged, and their individuality respected.
Prepared the environment to ensure fresh challenges and experiences for the children.
Prepare new classroom materials where necessary or helpful
Responsibilities for the Children
Regularly observe the children to monitor their individual progress. Keep accurate student records and update the children's master files regularly.
Be a model of courtesy to the children, and encourage them to show courtesy to each other and respect for the materials.
When outdoors, observe the children at all times and be vigilant for their safety. Teach them to respect the natural world.
Report any sickness, accident or incident to the Director immediately and attend to the child as directed. Fill out and sign an accident report and deliver to Office Manager or Director.
Staff Responsibilities
Serve as a guide, model and supervisor for the Assistant Teacher. A close working relationship and respect between Head Teacher and Assistant Teacher is critical to the healthy functioning of the classroom
Attend staff meetings as often as held. Inform the Director in advance if you need to be absent.
Attend school functions and activities as requested by the Director.
Parent and Public Relations
Build relationships with parents and show them every respect. Acknowledge that you are working in partnership with them for the benefit of their children.
Be prepared to explain the principles of Montessori education to parents when asked.
Conduct interviews with prospective students as necessary.
Have a working knowledge of the Montessori method of education, it's theory, history and philosophy. Preschool and/or educational background, adhere to the principles of Montessori Teaching. Willing to train the right person with educational background.
Contact: Jennie Sisneros
Phone: 801-298-7048
Email: carrol@discoverybountiful.com
Please submit your resume with cover letter and call for an interview.

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